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Without Tongkat Ali Everything Just Gets Harder With Each Passing Year...

It Isn’t Just A Question of Getting Old - It’s A Question of Low Testosterone!

It's hard to feel like an alpha male in this day and age… I mean, you’ve clearly got your act together - when you aren’t handling your responsibilities as a man, you’re lifting weights at the gym and taking some MMA on the side. That’s why you’ve kept that pretty good shape that you’re in! You look younger than your actual years, and you’ve got a woman in your life who knows that you’re still a long ways away from being “off the market.”

You’re not trying to be “Mr. Atlas” or anything, but your energy levels have really decreased and it’s hard to have sustained energy during the day, and then be able to get a good night’s sleep – only to start all over again the next day. With each passing year, the work gets harder and the action gets a little bit slower.

You’ve gone to doctors, different checkups and everything like that and they keep telling you:

“Well, you’re just getting old.”

Well, maybe that’s true. But… you just kept thinking that maybe there is something else going on… that it wasn’t just a question of getting old.

I had my testosterone level checked a couple of years ago as a part of my physical, and my doctor said “It’s normal” and I just said, “Well what’s the number?” and he replied:

“The lab just gave back the word that it’s normal… It’s normal.”


I pressed him further and my doctor said it was 350! He went on, “Well, that’s not too bad. It’s within the range.”

Despite Widespread Usage Of Tribulus, The Average Testosterone Level Remains Around 400 ng/dL.

It used to be over 700 mg/dL!

Average testosterone levels just continue to drop with each passing generation.

This is because we live in a world made from plastic. I mean that literally. It is hard to find an area of modern life that isn’t made possible by plastics. Trouble is, plastics contain mercury and a whole range of estrogen-mimicking chemicals that disrupt you entire endocrine system – the most disruptive of which is bisphenol-A (BPA).

We also eat processed foods grown with pesticides that further said disruption – food that is additionally void of vitamins and minerals, both of which are essential for the endocrine system to do its’ job properly.

But that’s not all!

We also drink municipal waters that are contaminated with the residue from birth control pills.

But our manhoods aren’t just under chemical assault...

To add insult to injury, as men we are subject to psychological assaults on a daily basis. Here are 3 simple examples I am sure we can all relate to:

1. Every time you turn on the TV, you see men being portrayed as idiots and wimps.

2. If you yell while lifting weights at most gyms, you risk losing your membership.

3. If you compliment a woman on her beauty, you stand to be charged with harassment.

These psychological assaults send us the subtle message that we should hate our masculinity, and so our subconscious sends our body the message to “turn down the volume” on our testosterone level in order to be less masculine and therefore secure social acceptance. Man is a social animal, after all – and no man is an island!

Something needs to be done.

Surely You've Heard of Tongkat Ali?

Also known as "pasak bumi" and hailing from the island of Madura in the Indonesian archipelago?

Tongkat also grows in Malaysia and Thailand, but the Malay and Thai strains are short on the precious saponims that make Indonesian tongkat ali so special.

Sure, there are studies out there citing the "high saponim" content of particular Malay extractions, but the strength of Indonesian extractions are so legendary, no studies need to be commissioned to prove it. After all, there is a reason why Indonesian men are said to have the largest penises in Asia!

However, while the internet is filled with research demonstrating the efficacy of tongkat ali for raising testosterone without any adverse side-effects, it is impossible to find an all-natural testosterone support formula as powerful as Tongkat Overload.

With 800mg of 100:1 Indonesian Tongkat Ali Extract Per Serving… Tongkat Overload Is So Aggressive
It Demands a 2-Day Cycle!

I'm sure you’re aware that there are lots of supplements out there that contain tongkat ali. Sadly, those supplements all contain way too little tongkat ali to be worth anything. Tongkat is simply too expensive for our "competition" to put into their product at dosages that will turn you into the type of man who is a law unto himself.

You also may have noticed that these other tongkat ali products will tell you:

1. To cycle tongkat by using it for 5 days, and then stopping for 3.

2. To cycle tongkat for any length of time you desire, as long as you stop taking tongkat for half the time you were on it.

3. To cycle tongkat is not necessary.

The problem here is those spreading this disinformation don’t understand the way the body works…

When you are still in the womb, your body determines how much testosterone it will tolerate and creates a “set point” in your endocrine system to reflect it. When your testosterone levels exceed this set point, your endocrine system will get the message to temporarily shut down testosterone production until your levels fall back within range. This is what endocrinologists refer to as a “feedback loop.”

This is why bodybuilders and powerlifters who inject testosterone end up shutting down their natural testosterone production. It isn’t because their body “forgets” how to make testosterone or gets “lazy,” is it just because injecting testosterone in the manner in which they do raises their testosterone levels beyond their individual biological “set points.” They’ve effectively “red-lined” their “endocrine engine” for too long.

This ignorance about cycling is incidentally the reason why some people think tongkat ali doesn’t work. They just didn’t cycle it correctly!

So while other tongkat ali products suggest a 5-day cycle to avoid triggering this feedback loop, Tongkat Overload is so aggressive that we suggest a cycle that only lasts 2 days.

Used in this manner, Tongkat Overload allows you to enjoy higher testosterone levels every day – without jeopardizing your natural testosterone production.

tongkat overload

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Why ELSE Should You Buy TONGKAT OVERLOAD Instead Of Some Other Tongkat Ali Product?

Nettle Root For Even More Testosterone!

Stinging nettle extract interferes with estradiol activity by also inhibiting the conversion of testosterone to estadiol through inhibition of aromatase, which supports prostate cells against excess levels of estradiol that have been shown to contribute to the pathogenesis of BPH. This is important because testosterone converts to estradiol at higher rates as men age. Prostate cells are sensitive to the growth stimulatory effects of estradiol. The reduction of aromatization (conversion) of testosterone to estradiol also enhances free testosterone levels.

Stinging nettle extract also binds to sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG), which prevents it from binding to testosterone and on prostate membranes. This is also important because SHBG increases with age, binding up more free testosterone. Thus, stinging nettle extract, while promoting prostatic protective activity, increases beneficial free testosterone levels by inhibiting aromatase and by binding to SHBG.

You Can Feel Our Tongkat Ali Working.

Because Tongkat Overload contains 800mg of 100:1 Indonesian Tongkat Ali extract per serving, there will be no doubt in your mind that it works!

Tongkat Cycles That Are Easy To Manage.

A 2 day cycle is easy to keep track of. No more guessing or having to write down how many days you have been taking or not taking the product.

Tongkat Is All-Natural With No Side Effects Like Prohormones.

Our 100% pure and all-natural herbs and minerals are a dietary supplement and not a drug. Say goodbye to the side-effects of pharmaceutical solutions.

Freshness and Safety.

High sales volumes ensure that our tablets are always hot of the tablet press so you never have to worry about our product passing its' expiration date while sitting on your kitchen shelf. Our FDA-registered facility fills unbreakable, tamper-proof bottles that are both induction-sealed and shrink-banded for extra security.

Easy To Swallow Tablets.

Our gluten-free tablets are ergonomically shaped and very smooth so they go down easy! We never use artificial flavors or colors, so there is no funny aftertaste and no need to burp.

Customer Satisfaction.

Proudly made in the USA, we offer a 365-day return policy, and 2-3 day Priority Mail shipping through the United States Postal Service.

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