Frequently Asked Questions About Our 100:1 Indonesian Tongkat Ali

Q: Is our tongkat safe for women?

A: Many women use Tongkat Overload to help cut down on cellulite and other consequences of excessive estrogen. If one is pregnant with a male child, having high in-virto testosterone levels will cause the male child to develop larger sex organs and have a higher testosterone "set-point" throughout his life.

Q: How does our tongkat compare to injections of testosterone?

A: Injections of testosterone are expensive and can cause the body to cease its' natural production of testosterone. They also require a doctor's prescription. Tongkat Overload does not have any of these drawbacks.

Q: What kind of results can I expect from our tongkat?

A: If you take Tongkat Overload and follow the workout and dietary guidelines, you can expect to lose fat, gain pounds of muscles - and of course have higher testosterone levels. All these benefits synergistically compound to give you the greatest benefit of all - confidence!

Q.Are the testosterone increases permanent?

A.Once you train your body to produce testosterone through regular cycling of Tongkat Overload, it tends to remember what needs to be done.

Q: Will our tongkat interfere with any doctor prescribed medications that I am taking?

A: Always consult your doctor or physician before any diet plan including beginning to take Tongkat Overload or start the workout plan/diet. Discuss your current medications before taking Tongkat Overload.

Q: How long will it take for my order of tongkat ali to arrive once I place my order?

A: All orders are shipped within 24-48 hours of your purchase excluding weekends and major holidays. We ship via USPS Priority Mail. We also ship internationally.